Diane Keaton thinks Rihanna's music "couldn't be better".

The 68-year-old actress has an Oscar under her belt and is best known for roles in films such as Something's Gotta Give and Annie Hall.

As a mother to adopted daughter Dexter and son Duke, Diane has some surprisingly contemporary music tastes.

"I listen to all kinds of music. I really have to tell you, I listen to a lot of pop music with my kids," she told Total Film magazine.

"So I know, Beyoncé, I know her music, and Rihanna. I really like her - I think she's a great singer and I love her music. It couldn't be better. I like Kanye West too. I like all kinds of music."

Diane appears as Leah in And So It Goes, a romantic comedy about a self-absorbed realtor who asks his neighbour for help when he's left to look after his granddaughter.

Her favourite way of preparing for a role is cranking up the tunes.

"I get emotional with music," she confessed. "I like to listen to music in the car. But only in the car. I don't like to listen to it at home. It's too much.

"When you have music at home, it starts to overtake your life and you don't want that. So I like to listen in the car, when I'm preparing for a role, because it's so powerful."

In And So It Goes, Leah ends up falling for the selfish Oren Little, who is played by Michael Douglas. Diane reasons people are often are drawn to "opposites" because it keeps their life interesting.