Thursday December 1st 2005 is International Crazy Frog Day!

One of the most eagerly anticipated singles of the year will be unveiled on Thursday December 1st 2005. The Crazy Frog's Christmas single ‘Jingle Bells' is subject to a worldwide embargo until that date. This is no mean feat – the Crazy Frog is signed to more than 30 record companies throughout the world and each label will be working together to ensure that the embargo is adhered to.

‘Jingles Bells' will receive its first radio play in Britain between 8am and 9am on December 1st. In a move that befits the multi-platinum-selling star, only a limited number of watermarked, and traceable, promotional CDs will be made available before this date. The animated video, created by Kaktus Films, will also receive its first broadcast on International Crazy Frog Day.

The Crazy Frog's recording of the classic Christmas song is currently second favourite at 5/1 for the Christmas Number 1 spot with a duet by Westlife and Diana Ross favourite. Gennaro Castaldo, HMV spokesman "Westlife won't
have forgotten that they came off second best to Bob the Builder in Christmas 2000, so they may not relish a chart encounter with the Crazy Frog this time around. Novelty songs always sell well at Christmas and you'd be foolish to write off the Crazy Frog's chances."

The Crazy Frog has dominated the pop charts in 2005. His debut single Axel F was number 1 for 4 weeks in Britain and he has since notched up 21 number 1's throughout the world – including 3 months at number 1 in New Zealand and 3 months in France where Axel F has sold 1.6 million copies.

The Crazy Frog's Christmas single will be released through Gusto Records on December 12th.

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