The UK’s biggest Steampunk band announce only London show of 2014 to celebrate kicking cancer’s arse!

Anarchic, anachronistic and truly inspired, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing have been putting the ‘punk’ into ‘steampunk’ since 2008.
Blending tales of 1877 with the attitude of 1977, their highly original mix of horror, humour and history has seen them hailed as one of the 21st century’s most inventive acts, by critics everywhere from The Independent to Terrorizer, while their immersive, immensely fun live show has wowed crowds from Bestival to the Edinburgh Festival.
An ever-innovative recorded catalogue has included the first release on the archaic wax cylinder format for 70 years, caught the attention of EMI Records (who threatened legal action over the first album, ‘Now That’s What I Call Steampunk! Vol 1’), and seen them grow a devoted, globe-spanning fanbase, with the release of 2012’s tongue-twisting follow-up, ‘This May Be The Reason The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing Cannot Be Killed By Conventional Weapons’.

Yes, quite literally nothing can hold this truly unique band back; not lawsuits, not conventional weapons, and not even vocalist Andy Heintz receiving the damning diagnosis of throat cancer this April. While Andy has faced up to that news, and the hell of the radiotherapy treatments that followed, his bandmates – ‘occult comedian’ and Radio 4 personality Andrew O’Neill (vocals/guitar), fellow stand-up comic Marc Burrow (bass/vocals), and ex-Lords of The New Church man Jez Miller (drums), have remained determined to keep the show on the road. In June they played Glastonbury festival as a three-piece to a great response, before Marc and Andrew took their stand up show on a US tour The Men had been due to play, attracting rave reviews in New York, Pittsburgh, Chicago and Detroit, and playing a one-off performance as an acoustic duo at the Steampunk World Fair in New Jersey.

However, the most hotly-anticipated TMTWNBBFN show of the year is still to come. With Andy now making a good recovery, the band are ready to make their big comeback as a four-piece at London’s Relentless Garage on November 14th.
Billed as a chance to join them in celebrating ‘kicking cancer’s arse’, the Garage gig will be the only their only London headline date for 2014, and will hear them debut material from the forthcoming third album, tentatively slated for release in Spring/Summer 2015.

Fri 14th November – LONDON, Relentless Garage
Support from The Caesarians and Nu,Pogodi
Doors 7pm.
Adv. tickets £10 from