Gotye has denied he has any intention of becoming a politician and described yesterday’s media coverage as “click bait” despite Basics bandmember Kris Schroeder starting it all.

Speaking to Triple J this morning, Wally De Backer aka Gotye said, “I am not running for parliament in Victoria that some publication have not only been not only implying by stating”.

Gotye explained the runaway train story as “a certain element of truth can be what the most media want to get out of a story”.

Wally confirmed the element of truth was that his band The Basics have considered forming a party in Victoria. “The party does not exist,” he said. “We are interested in doing it. If we do it Kris Schroeder would be the candidate”.

He said the basics of the party would be “Furthering and protecting live music in Victoria”.

The media cannot be blamed for the story. Band member Kris Schroeder was behind it. The band started the talk with an announcement of The Basics Rock ‘n’ Roll Party (BRRP) on their Facebook page in August.

“The Three Pillars of our newest Political Movement:

• Innovation
• Education
• Rock ‘n’ Roll

More to come”, they wrote on August 22.

They then expanded on the ideas over the following days soliciting membership and detailing policy.

Then Kris Schroeder told AAP, “We’re interested in giving an equal opportunity to all as far as access to music is concerned, and I guess that’s across the board what we’re really interested in,” he said.

Gotye may claim the media took liberties with the story, but his band started it.

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