Deadmau5 has fired back at Disney after the Mouse House attempted block his trademark approval in the US.

The music producer has been embroiled in a legal battle with the corporation, which claimed his logo is too similar to its own in court documents released Tuesday.

And the DJ, real name Joel Zimmerman, made his frustration public in a series of Twitter posts addressing the matter Thursday.

In the tweets, Zimmerman claims Disney executives unlawfully used his 2008 track Ghosts 'n' Stuff for a “Re-Micks” cartoon starring Mickey Mouse and other animated characters posted on Disney’s video website.

“Okay mouse… i never gave disney a liscene to use my track. So. we emailed you a C&D [cease and dssist]. @disney (sic),” he wrote.

“So now, @disney is illegally using my work... and CONFUSING people that id actualyly work with these t**ts.”

The music producer then posted a copy of the legal filing in which his lawyers demand the video be taken down.

“oh, @disney just in case you dont check your email, ill just leave this here... @disney sorry heres the second page! Have a magical f**king day!” he tweeted, adding later, “I wish disney wasnt such a "corperation". We could have done great things together. anyway. back to my completely normal day (sic).”

The messages follow two days after Disney filed documents opposing Deadmau5’s application filed in 2013 with the US Patent and Trademark Office for his famous head costume, according to TMZ.

His attorney Dina LaPolt told the outlet the DJ already holds the trademark for the gear in more than 30 other countries and has been using it for more than ten years with no complaints from the firm.

Deadmau5 reportedly intends to fight the claim.