Estelle thinks music is meant to transcend cultural barriers.

The 34-year-old British singer shot to international fame when she and Kanye West teamed up in 2008 on her cross cultural hit, American Boy.

And Estelle believes there are numerous artists working to unite the world through sound.

“[Pharrell's] Happy did that. I think every artist strives for a record that crosses all energy, lines, boundaries or languages or barriers,” she explained in an interview with PopCrush. “American Boy did that for me coming out in London and the UK before I came here … I figure that if I have one or two or three of them on every album, it might work out.”

Estelle is preparing for the release of her new LP, True Romance.

While composing songs for the offering, the songstress says there is one tune that resonates with her the most.

“I got something good off of [my track] Something Good. That song, in particular, was my reset record,” she said. “Because prior to everything, when people first heard me with Shine and American Boy, I was in such a confident, ‘I know who the f**k I am space,’ and when I tell you my life then, the people around me then, throwing darts at me then was 50 times worse than now.

“So for me to have been that confident and that together with that environment, man, I’m good now. And this is way less people shooting darts at me. Oh, I’m straight, this is perfect! You just doubled up on my energy! This is good!”
Estelle’s new album True Romance is slated for digital release on November 4.