Gwen Stefani’s favourite thing to do is “sit in bed” and “eat pizza”.

The 44-year-old pop star has balanced a chart-topping music career for nearly two decades and is now a mentor on season seven of US TV talent show The Voice.

She’s also known for her rock-hard abs - but in a video segment for the programme Gwen admitted that might not be the case if she were left to her own devices.

"What everyone doesn't know about me is, I'm generally a lazy person," she mused. “I really am. My favourite thing to do is sit in bed, eat pizza, and like, do nothing."

One of the star’s earliest jobs was as an employee at a hometown Dairy Queen. And Gwen admits her tendency to indulge meant she wasn’t always so fit.

"When I started there, I fit in my outfit. When I ended there, I did not fit in my outfit,” she mused.

Gwen will have some help in her new gig on The Voice, with her husband Gavin Rossdale serving as an adviser on her team.
The No Doubt frontwoman recently gushed she’s elated to have his input.

"He is super articulate and he has a really good opinion and he is smart and he's been doing a really good job," she told Access Hollywood back in July.

"We both have, I think, a lot of experience in the sense that when you look back at all the shows and all the things we've done – and I mean, we all met like touring together and doing hundreds of shows – and it's so fun to be in the position to meet [all of the contestants]."

Gwen’s season of The Voice is scheduled to premiere September 22.