Demi Lovato is “celebrating Halloween” early.

The Heart Attack singer is gearing up for her self-titled world tour, which kicks off in Baltimore, Maryland, on September 6 and has shows scheduled throughout the US and Canada until the end of October. And it appears the songstress may be bringing the spooky holiday on the road with her.

“Because you can never start celebrating Halloween too early.......,” she captioned a photo of herself wearing Halloween makeup on Instagram. “#DemiWorldTour... You guys ready???” she added.

The 22-year-old Here We Go Again star surprised fans earlier this year with the release of her music video for single Really Don’t Care, which featured her fans, known as Lovatics, lip-synching and dancing to the track. Demi surprised them on set to join in and sing along.

The pop star often takes to social media to interact with fans and share her thoughts. In August she shared some “deep” advice on Twitter.

“At times when you start to get upset at stupid drivers, just remember at some point you've been a stupid driver too,” she wrote. “I know. This is deep.”

The hitmaker was involved in a car accident in 2011 that had some lasting effects. Speaking to HollywoodLife late last year, Demi explained she went to a “chiropractor twice a week” due to “a really bad body”.

“I got in a car accident and it’s so horrible — it’s still so messed up,” she told the outlet at the time, adding that she tries her best to carve moments for herself.

“…I have that and I go to the spa and I take care of myself,” she explained.