Kiesza is always the one who remembers her friends' drunken antics in the morning.

The 25-year-old star has taken over the dance scene with catchy hits such as Hideaway, which hit number one in the UK.

Her songs might be popular in the clubs, but the girl behind them isn't one for a big night out. Instead, she has her eye on what all her pals are getting up to after a few too many.

"I'm not much of a wild partier. I don't drink or anything so I am always the sober one," she explained to British newspaper Metro.

"Basically I am the one who remembers it all - and that can sometimes be a bad thing."

As a performer, Kiesza has to make sure she brings a lot of energy to the stage. Luckily the feisty redhead isn't the type to rely on Dutch courage in these situations.

"I'm kind of like a drunk person without being drunk anyway," she giggled.

She might seem like a fully-fledged artist, but the singer hasn't always been so sure of herself. Kiesza wasn't sure which musical direction to take before she released Hideaway.

“I had never found a sound that I was certain about until Hideaway,” she admitted to

“I was just always exploring, finding new sounds, trying new things, and wondering what else was out there. But as soon as I wrote Hideaway, I knew that was exactly what I wanted to do, and what I wanted to put out, as simple as that.”