Kim Kardashian is reportedly so determined to move out of her mother's house she's put some luxury hotels on standby.

The reality TV star and rapper Kanye West welcomed their daughter North into the world in July 2013 and since then they have been living with her mom and manager Kris Jenner. They were planning to set up home in a mansion they were renovating, but recently bought a new property in the Hidden Hills in Los Angeles instead. The pair married in May and Kim is apparently laying down the law about having a family home.

"Kim has given Kanye a 31 September move-in date or else she will check them into a hotel. She is adamant that she cannot live in Kris' house much longer. Kim is taking the move very seriously. She's been dropping hints that she means business - she's left a bunch of decorating books and mags on the table," an insider told British magazine Heat. "Kanye wants more building work done on the house, but Kim told him that she just wants to move in - no more remodelling! She went so far as to call a few hotels they love in LA to put an extended hold on a luxe penthouse for them, starting 31 September."

The TV star is apparently all about putting her family first at the moment. Part of the reason is said to be her friend Ciara's sudden split from hip-hop star Future, who has been accused of being unfaithful. They were set to marry and it's apparently got Kim thinking about what is most important to her, which is why she jetted to be with her husband while he was recording new music.

"Kim can't believe Ciara's had to ditch her man just months after giving birth to his baby. Kim trusts Kanye, but Ciara trusted Future and look where that got her. So Kim flew to Mexico. She's told Kanye that she wants to be with him wherever he goes," the insider said.

The star hasn't stopped there and has apparently reminded Kanye about what should be important to him. She's made it clear she won't tolerate him even looking at another woman.

"She says that becoming a mom to North has made her a lioness compared to how she used to be," the source said.