Britney Spears has posted a heartbreaking video on Instagram following her split from David Lucado.

The 32-year-old singer had been dating the legal professional since last year, but yesterday it emerged they had split. According to TMZ, Britney called it quits after she saw footage of David kissing and dancing with another woman.

She's now taken to Instagram to admit to fans she's having a "sh*tty day".

"OK, if you ever have a really ,really sh*tty day, find someone with shoes with hearts on them," she advises in the sad clip.

The camera then swivels to one of her friends, who is wearing black trainers with red hearts.

"Made my day!" Britney then admits, grimacing.

TMZ now claims the star's dad, Jamie, owns the rights to the incriminating video after reportedly splashing out a "substantial" amount of cash.

Her father, who is also Britney's conservator, apparently called his daughter after securing the footage and told her he had something to show her. It's thought she ended things as soon as she saw the tape.

Jamie's rep said he took action to ensure the video would never become public or cause his daughter embarrassment.

It's not known whether the woman in the clip made other copies, but Jamie's rep says if any posts of the footage are made, the person responsible will be sued for copyright infringement.

There were rumours Britney and David were planning to wed and even have a child together.

But yesterday she confirmed it's all over by posting "Ahhhh the single life! (sic)" on Twitter.