Nicole Scherzinger sits in the dark and plays her own songs when she wants to think.

The 36-year-old singer is always bubbly when she's on the promotional trail and tries her best to be in a good mood whenever she sees fans. She can't be like that all the time, so allows herself time to contemplate her life if she feels it's needed.

"It's just heightened levels of yourself. When I'm on a show, I'm putting my best foot forward, I'm giving you energy, I'm giving you me. Now, when I'm not in front of the cameras, you might get a more, I don't know what it is... like a more intellectual, really deep-thinking Nicole, because I tend to do that a lot," she told British magazine InStyle. "Like last night, I was in the dark playing some of my songs on repeat, thinking of ideas. Just life. Deep, deep sh*t."

Nicole knows many people don't like to feel down, but she insists it's natural. What's more, she believes giving into those moods allows her to feel happy more often.

"It's always good when you have those moments, because that's when you can create. I've got a lot of things on my mind and I'm trying [to tick off] one box at a time. Last night, I felt overwhelmed, so I put on some of my own music that's slightly depressing and I loved it. I wallowed in it. I woke up and I feel great," she explained.

Nicole has been working on her new album recently, which doesn't have a title yet. Songs from it, including Your Love, have been unveiled though, with romance a running theme. The star has an on/off relationship with Formula One star Lewis Hamilton, which seems to have inspired some of the tracks. They aren't all jolly, but she insists things between her and Lewis couldn't be better at the moment.

"Everything in our lives is in the public eye, so we try to keep our relationship as private as possible. It's very dear to my heart. I don't like it to be out there like that," she explained.

"We're actually a bit more reserved on social media than most couples, but things are good. We're happy."