Ed Sheeran has already recorded most of the material for his forthcoming album with rapper The Game.

The I See Fire singer has been working on a joint project with the Celebration hitmaker for months, with Game confirming the news back in May.

While a release date has yet to be announced, Ed has hinted fans won’t have to wait long to hear what the unlikely duo has in store.

“I’m a big fan [of Game],” he gushed to MTV News. “He called me and I ended up doing just one song with him and the next day he came down to the session that I was in and we did about six songs.

“Then we just did more and more as that week went on, and then it was all done.”

The British sing-songwriter warned he won’t be rhyming on the record.

“I do it now and then but I can’t rap with a professional rapper, it’d be weird,” he mused.

MTV previously reported the collaboration got underway late last year after Ed tweeted about his love for Game’s 2012 album Jesus Piece.

"I responded, we exchanged numbers on the DM, and then we got in the studio," Game told the outlet shortly after, adding that their chemistry led to an incredible amount of material.

"It'll be two CDs. The way I would do an album, with his help, and the way he would do an album with my features,” he explained.

"The songs that we got, they’re real songs," the rapper added, heaping praise on his musical collaborator. "We was just going. He was on that guitar. Acoustically, he’s a genius, man."

Ed is currently promoting his latest album, X, released back in June.