Kate Bush took the stage on Tuesday night at London’s Eventim Apollo to play her first show in 35 years. It is the first of 21 shows that she will perform at the venue between now and October 1.

Reports have her taking the stage barefoot and in a black dress. The crowd gave her a standing ovation after practically every song.

The show was very theatrical with such special effects as a lighting rig that has the sound of helicopter blades being piped out of it sailing across the audience and a number of different set changes with theatrical lighting.

Security in the venue is keeping a very tight cap on phones and cameras, so don’t expect a lot of shots from the show.

Bush performed nine of the twelve songs from her 1985 album Hounds of Love including the entire original side two, The Ninth Wave. She performed at least one song from all of her studio albums.

The set list:
The set list:

Lily (from The Red Shoes, 1993)
Hounds of Love (from Hounds of Love, 1985)
Joanni (from Aerial, 2005)
Running Up That Hill (from Hounds of Love, 1985)
Top of the City (from The Red Shoes, 1993)
King of the Mountain (from Aerial, 2005)

The Ninth Wave
And Dream of Sheep (from Hounds of Love, 1985)
Under Ice (from Hounds of Love, 1985)
Waking the Witch (from Hounds of Love, 1985)
Watching You Without Me (from Hounds of Love, 1985)
Jig of Life (from Hounds of Love, 1985)
Hello Earth (from Hounds of Love, 1985)
The Morning Fog (from Hounds of Love, 1985)

A Sky of Honey
Prelude (from Aeriel, 2005)
Prologue (from Aeriel, 2005)
An Architect’s Dream (from Aeriel, 2005)
The Painter’s Link (from Aeriel, 2005)
Sunset (from Aeriel, 2005)
Aerial Tal (from Aeriel, 2005)
Somewhere in Between (from Aeriel, 2005)
Nocturn (from Aeriel, 2005)
Aerial (from Aeriel, 2005)

Among Angels (from 50 Words For Snow, 2011)
Cloudbusting (from Hounds of Love, 1985)

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