Demi Lovato has “really exciting news” to announce in the near future.

The 22-year-old pop star was teasing her Twitter followers on Tuesday as she prepared to announce a new venture, but refused to spill details as she urged fans to take a guess.

“Really really exciting news coming soon..... Guarantee you won't be able to predict it…” she tweeted.

Guesses flooded in, but apparently none of the pop star’s followers have accurately stated what she has in store.

“So far I haven't read any correct theories as to what it is,” the baffled singer wrote moments later, gushing, “I can't believe not ONE person has guessed it!!!! looks like you'll have to wait... (sic).”

Demi is known to relish in surprising her fans.

Back in May, the singer released the music video for her single Really Don’t Care, which featured her so-called “Lovatics” lip-synching and dancing to the track.

Some were clearly shocked as she surprised them on set to join in, singing along to the tune, which also features British pop star Cher Lloyd.

Demi is currently gearing up for her self-titled world tour.

The Heart Attack singer hits the road in Baltimore, Maryland September 6 and has shows scheduled throughout the US and Canada until the end of October.