Last May, longtime collaborators Robyn and Royksopp released Do It Again, a wide-ranging "mini-album" that combined the best traits of the Swedish pop goddess and the Norwegian electronic maestros.

Do It Again and its joint tour is just a preview of more new music coming soon from Robyn and Royksopp, as the trio told Billboard.

​On performing new solo material on her 'Do It Again' tour Robyn said "I felt like I didn't wanna really go on tour if I didn't have any new material of my own to play, but I wanted to tour with [Royksopp], and I wanted to play for my audience again,"

Plus on releasing "as soon as possible" "And I had been making this music for a while together with Markus J├Ągerstedt, who's in my band, and a producer named Christian Falk, who sadly passed away a couple of weeks ago. But we started making this EP that it's gonna become about one and a half years ago, and so it felt really good to be able to first play new music for my audience but also kind of see what would happen with these songs if I started playing them live before they were done. Because Christian was so sick too, it was a way of staying close to him in a way while traveling away from him. And it's a record that I'm gonna finish as soon as we come off tour, and it's gonna be released as soon as possible."