Rita Ora was rebuffed when she asked Iggy Azalea to pucker up on stage.

The blonde bombshell posed the idea to Iggy ahead of their MTV VMAs performance on Sunday night. The two pop princesses performed smash hit song Black Widow at the awards ceremony, but Rita's idea to get close was rejected by the Australian songstress.

“I said to Iggy we should just make out on stage, kiss during our performance. She told me that would be crazy because it’s already been done," Rita giggled to British newspaper The Sun.

“Britney Spears and Madonna kissing was my favourite VMA performance ever.”

While Rita didn't get to lock lips with Iggy, she's just grateful the performance went ahead.

During a warm up gig in LA before the annual MTV awards show, Iggy took a tumble while performing Fancy with Charli XCX.

“Bless her. I was just happy she was OK because, God forbid, we couldn’t perform after all that. Can you imagine?

“We’ve been doing three performances a day together to make sure when we release this song it was about unity.

"To us, this is a duet about female empowerment. We wanted to do a song where it’s two blondes coming together as a unit," Rita divulged.

Rita, who recently broke up with superstar DJ Calvin Harris, was happy to chat about people's misconceptions of her in the wake of the split. The 23-year-old star generally finds she is the subject of people's judgement when it comes to her dating history.

"Everyone talks about my love life but people don’t know how much I do. I party a lot but I work hard too," she vented.

"I wouldn’t party if I didn’t do my work. I can juggle the two, luckily. People also think I fall very deeply in love then fall out of it quickly and that I don’t really think about things a lot. I admit I live in the moment. I’m impulsive. I’m spontaneous. I make sh*t up on the spot. But my values are still there. My mom and dad are always around, my sister works for me, for God’s sake.”