Lady Gaga partied on at Melbourne’s Cherry Bar in the early hours of Sunday and treated patrons to a barroom bar-top dance.

Gaga is touring Australia for Live Nation and was in full tilt party mode after her Rod Laver Arena show.

“So wearing practically nothing….Lady Gaga was dancing on the Cherry bar top till very late last night. True story,” was posted at the Cherry Bar Facebook site.

Indeed she was, as Gaga went Gaga with DJ Mermaid at Cherry.

DJ Mermaid posted, “She was there between 1ish till close. She literally crawled on her hands and knees out the door and up the lane. Classic!!! I played at least 10 of her requests as she’s a total metal head! First request was Squealer by AC/DC. Best part was when I made her perform for me on the bar top to Long Way To The Top. Great night.”
Lady Gaga’s Rod Laver Arena setlist

ARTPOP (from Artpop, 2013)
G.U.Y. (from Artpop, 2013)
Donatella (from Artpop, 2013)
Venus (from Artpop, 2013)
MANicure (from Artpop, 2013)
Just Dance (from The Fame, 2008)
Poker Face (from The Fame, 2008)
Telephone (from The Fame Monster, 2009)
Paparazzi (from The Fame, 2008)
Do What U Want (from Artpop, 2013)
Dope (from Artpop, 2013)
Born This Way (from Born This Way, 2011)
The Edge Of Glory (from Born This Way, 2011)
Judas (from Born This Way, 2011)
Aura (from Artpop, 2013)
Sexxx Dreams (from Artpop, 2013)
Alejandro (from The Fame Monster, 2009)
Bad Romance (from The Fame Monster, 2009)
Applause (from Artpop, 2013)
Swine (from Artpop, 2013)

Gypsy (from Artpop, 2013)

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