Jordan and Harley of Rizzle Kicks joined KISS FM UK backstage at the V Festival for a catch-up.

The guys are famous for their controversial twitter banter and public statements. Recently Jordan wore a ‘Free Tulisa T-Shirt’ and he explained that his latest stunt was foiled by a packing error. “I had a T-shirt ready which says Team Nigella. I’m gutted though I left it at home because I packed it in the wrong bag. It would have been so good”

Responding to the recent story about the track that they worked on with Pharrell not making the album. Jordan explained “What I said got taken out of context with Pharrell. It was my fault really. It should have been released but it was so different from the whole feel of the album that it would have stuck out like a sore thumb. Who knows maybe it could work as a one off single at some point.

Jordan continued “Pharrell was cool about it of course. He doesn’t care. He produces hit after hit for fun. We were hanging out in the studio and he’d call us over and play us something and ask us if we like it. We’d be like ‘yeah’ and he’d say ‘this is for Beyonce’. I don’t think he’s worrying about us.”

In a challenge set out in the interview Harley showed the KISS FM UK team the last famous person that he texted in his phone. Harley said. “It was Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain from Arsenal. I asked him if he was still on this number. He replied ‘who's this’. I said ‘ it’s Harley and he said ‘oh sorry I got my numbers mixed up’.”

And Jordan had his eye a certain American artist’s dancers. “One of Jason Derulo’s dancers is fantastic. Really hot”