Hayley Williams loves to prove people wrong when she plays live.

The scarlet haired singer along with the rest of her Paramore bandmates will be taking to the stage this weekend at the Reading and Leeds festival in the UK.

While the 25-year-old loves playing to the band's fans, she also looks forward to the reactions of those who may not be such loyal followers.

"One of my favourite things to do is to play a festival and prove people wrong and show them, 'Hey, no matter what you think, no matter if you've never seen our band before, no matter if you thought you didn't like our music, you actually probably do.

'Cos we can really play and we really put on a show and we make it our business to be a great live band'," Hayley revealed to British magazine NME.

"I’m excited to win over some new fans and I'm excited to show it to the old fans."

Joining Paramore on the bill are Blink-182, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Jimmy Eat World.

The annual festival is spread over two different locations, with bands alternating between the both grounds. There's one particular act on the same bill as Hayley that she can't wait to watch.

"I think Queens Of The Stone Age are incredible and I'm really excited that our bands are very different," she smiled.

"I like that we're both going to be bringing different people to the show. And so we're both going to be playing to different crowds, but they’re all going to be in one big crowd, so it's going to be nice."