In this week's Billboard cover story 35-year-old DJ-producer Wesley Pentz, better-known as Diplo opens up about hanging out with Katy Perry, his much-anticipated upcoming collaboration with Madonna, including a "super weird" track, and his 8-figure lifestyle.

​The DJ has recently been photographed with Katy Perry and, while she denies that they are a couple, Diplo lets slip that​ they hang out, and that​ "Katy uses Uber when she’s out in L.A., but sometimes a driver tries to take a picture of her."

​The 8-figure making superstar DJ and hit-making producer​ also​ shares that he lives a suprisingly stripped-down lifestyle, "I don’t even have a house," he says. "A lot of DJs don’t realize they’re here today and gone tomorrow. They’re literally taking jets to every show. It’s crazy how much money they’re spending."​ ​

​On his upcoming collaboration with Madonna, Diplo says, "I think three are just like amazing, smashes."

"One is super weird. Late one night in the studio we got a little bit drunk and she improvised a little hook and we made a song out of it. I think it’s going to be a breakthrough if she can manage to get everything together and get it out properly."