Fergie loves being Josh Duhamel's "girl".

The 39-year-old singer and hunky actor tied the knot in January 2009, and they welcomed their son Axl last August. They are more loved up than ever at the moment, and Fergie's heart still flutters when she thinks about how lucky she is.

"Oh my gosh! I want to cry. I love that he said 'my girl'. Aww," she gushed to glamour.com when told Josh previously said he knew she'd be his girl forever.

"How did I know [he's The One]? He has so many amazing qualities that are compatible with me and my personality that it just... it doesn’t fit, but it fits. It’s the yin and the yang. I’m the boss at work, but when I go home, I’m his girl."

It seems the spark is still just as strong as when they started dating in 2004. When asked what the most memorable kiss with Josh was, Fergie alluded to one of their more intimate moments.

"Haha! Hmmm... Well, he’s definitely kissed me all over my body! I can think of a few spots that tingle more than others," she giggled. "The passion [makes the best kiss]! The passion behind the kiss!"

Their little boy is turning one on August 29. Since becoming a parent, Fergie's life has changed completely. She loves watching the tot to see who he resembles most - her or his movie star dad.

"All these mommy feelings that I never knew... I knew I was going to feel something. Everybody tells you that you’re going to feel this extraordinary love, but it’s really indescribable until you really experience it. If I don’t see him all day, I miss him. I don’t want to miss anything," she added.

"[He takes after] both of us. He’s completely split down the middle. He’s just a doll! Both of us are outgoing, so he definitely got that trait, but he’s also a bit of a thinker. He does the scan to decide if he’ll let you in."