Cliff Richard has decided to pull out of a charity event where he was scheduled to perform on September 26 in the wake of the current sexual assault investigation.

Richard’s home was searched by police last week investigating an alleged incident from 1985 in Sheffield involving Richard and an underage boy. Cliff has emphatically denied that any incident took place.

The decision to not perform at the fundraising concert was made because Richard did not “want the event to be overshadowed by the false allegation. He is sorry for any disappointment or inconvenience caused.”

According to Britain’s Guardian, a number of celebrities have come to Richard’s defense while members of the government are investigating whether the BBC and police had turned the entire affair into a witch hunt. The BBC covered the police’s action live via a helicopter hovering over the singer’s home, leading to allegations that the network was doing too much in its zeal to “scoop” competition on big stories.

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