Madonna’s boyfriend Timor Steffens “wants to be a dad”.

The 26-year-old Dutch dancer has been dating the 56-year-old singer since January of this year.

Madonna is mother to four children and Timor loves spending time with them, as he has hopes of becoming a father to his own brood one day.

“I want to be a dad, it’s my goal to have my own family, that’s there in the back of my mind all the time,” he told British newspaper The Mirror.

“I hang out with a lot of celebrities. I hang out with their kids, I see the world.

“But I do that because I genuinely care for who they are as a person. I’m a very loving person – if I hang out with them it’s because I have a big connection with them.”

Timor acknowledges he is significantly younger than his girlfriend, but he doesn’t mind the age difference.

In fact dating something 30 years his senior piques his interest.

“There is an age gap between me and Madonna but I don’t notice it. My girlfriends have always been older than me and that’s how I like it. I learn a lot,” he explained.

“Mum is a big inspiration. She is a fighter, a strong independent woman, and any relationship I’ve had in the past was mostly with women that are independent and like to have an opinion.”

Timor says he’s learning a lot from Madonna as well.

He is particularly moved by her work ethic and strength.

“She always looks for new challenges in life,” he said. “When everyone walks the right path, she will walk the left path to show that she has a vision and her own way of expressing.

"She is a very strong woman and doesn’t need to follow the mainstream. That’s what makes her an artist.”