André 3000 doesn't want someone to tell him what he likes.

The OutKast singer has drawn up a list of things he has learned over his 39 years on earth.

Some of his musings are profound while others are much more light hearted, such as his skills at mastering the mirror.

He's also clear on what he won't waste time arguing about.

"The stupidest argument you can have with somebody is when you tell them what to like. How can somebody argue with you about what you like? 'I want hot sauce'. 'Hot sauce? How can you like hot sauce?' Hey, it's my mouth!"André told the American edition of Esquire magazine.

He also notes that trying to please everyone equals a stressful life, and staying in your comfort zone means success will probably evade you.

André has learned numerous lessons since becoming a dad. He has son Seven, 16, with singer Erykah Badu and being a father has changed the star's outlook on life.

"Growing up, mentor was not a word I knew. I didn't know that word until five or six years ago. The way I explained the word to my kid is like this. I said: 'Son, adults are really cool and I'll tell you why: because you can compare them to a video game.'

"If you played that video game for the last two years and you're proficient at it and I just jump on the game, you're quickly going to say: 'Hey, dad, the trap is right there. When you get over there, you have to go, hop hop hop hop hop.'

"Now, if you didn't say that, it might take me a year to figure that out. So a mentor is: 'I've done this, so I'm helping you get past that place,'" he explained.