Kimberly Wyatt has started knitting because she wants to make clothes for her baby.

The former Pussycat Dolls star has announced she is expecting her first baby, a daughter, with her husband Max Rogers. The tot is due in December and although she'd previously kept the pregnancy a secret, Kimberly has started preparing for her arrival.

"I have started to take up knitting little jumpers for the baby. I figured I would do it in the breaks between filming [TV show] Got to Dance, but so far no matter how much I do it, it doesn't seem to be getting any bigger," she laughed to British magazine Hello!

Kimberly is a judge on the UK dancing competition, which she's been shooting throughout her pregnancy. Initially she didn't want to tell the rest of the cast and crew her happy news, but it soon became apparent because of her strange behaviour.

"It was a struggle because I was having serious dizzy spells and losing more weight than I was gaining because I was feeling nauseous and couldn't eat. And I was really emotional," she explained.

"There was one couple that came on the show and said they used to be professional dancers but gave it up so they could start a family and I lost it. I burst out sobbing so much I had to go off camera and get myself together."

One person Kimberly did share her happy news with is her former bandmate Ashley Roberts. She actually guessed when Kimberly was only five weeks along, and couldn't have been happier for her and Max.

The star is amazed she managed to keep her pregnancy a secret until around the five-month mark, but it's given her time to get used to the news herself. She can't wait to be a mother, but hopes not to let it change her life completely.

"As my doctor says, 'Pregnancy is not an illness.' Life doesn't stop moving forward and I've still wanted to carry on with everything I was doing before and I will continue to when the baby is here.

"I'd love to dive back to work once the New Year comes. I've been told that kids are quite adaptable at that age so she could come with me," she said.