John Newman caught up with KISS FM UK at the V Festival and revealed his now infamous dance moves have become a bit of a 'thing'.

He revealed, "My dance moves have become a bit of a thing, it's started off a bit of a laugh - it's just me expressing myself. People definately want to see it in clubs but it doesn't come out there. It only comes out on stage - it's so bad on stage, let alone when I'm off stage".

He also explained the sacrifice of being in the music industry saying, "It literally requires blood, sweat and tears and you don't get to see your family or friends much".

When asked about the X Factor and what became of some of the stars from the show he said, "There is a place for talent shows, I think we need them. I'm not one to gossip but it's a shame - the world wasn't ready for James Arthur, he's a very talented guy. He was thrown to wolves".