has traditionally been a very reliable source for information on Morrissey, so good that Moz has used it as his main venue for communicating with fans.

According to Billboard, the site did drop the ball on the latest Morrissey news. Last Saturday, they posted on the site:

Three weeks after the release of Morrissey's World Peace Is None Of Your Business (#2 UK, #14 US), Capitol Records/Harvest have ended their relationship with Morrissey, as directed by label boss Steve Barnett.

Morrissey is once again in search of a record label.

Billboard has confirmed that the singer IS still under contract with Harvest Records, an agreement that cass for two albums of which World Peace is None of Your Business was the first.

It's unknown where True-to-You got its information. On Tuesday, August 5, Moz posted a long letter on the site which included criticism of Harvest for not doing a video to help promote the new album. Four days letter, the loss of the label story surfaced and it was assumed that it was in reaction to Morrissey's comment.

Something is telling us this story is not over with yet.

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