Lenny Kravitz feels his mother's energy all the time.

The American hitmaker lost his mom, actress Roxie Roker, in 1995 and was left feeling depressed in the wake of her death.

Time has healed his anguish though, and he now views the situation in a different light.

"When she died it was a difficult time for me. I don’t talk about that period really as life is too beautiful now. But I always feel she is with me. I have a lot of photos in my house - large photographs of her in different places - and just seeing her on a daily basis helps," Lenny revealed to British newspaper The Sun.

“Sometimes I’ll be flipping channels on the TV and there she is. Sometimes memories catch me by surprise and it is wonderful. But I feel her energy all the time.

“Now, when I remember her, it’s a nice feeling."

Lenny burst onto the music scene in the late '80s and his rock songs quickly garnered him commercial success.

While music remains the Fly Away singer's ultimate passion, he's also dipped his toe into the world of acting with roles in The Hunger Games franchise and The Butler. Despite starring in box office hits, Lenny's now ready to return to the studio.

"Acting was not something I planned on doing at this point of my life,” he admitted.

“Music is my first love, it’s the nucleus of my artistic life and this album is what I needed to do.”

New record Strut is his first musical offering in three years. It marks the 50-year-old's tenth studio album and is slated for a September release.

“I was filming Catching Fire and had a rigorous schedule. I had to be up at five in the morning but I couldn’t sleep at all at night. I was dreaming of this music. And so that was it. I made this album as I had no choice. It was there, in my dreams. Strut literally jumped out of me.

“Taking those years off and dropping into films has fuelled the fire in me to make music," he enthused.