Khloé Kardashian reportedly insisted that her co-star in French Montana's music video looked like her sister Kim.

The reality TV star has been dating rapper French Montana for a few months and yesterday the promo for his track Don't Panic debuted, with Khloé taking a starring role. Also featuring is Sandy Raquel, who bears a strong resemblance to Khloé's superstar sister. Apparently she was adamant about who should be cast for the shoot, and also wanted a woman who looks like her good friend Malika Haqq.

"A bunch of video models showed up to be in the video, but Khloé wasn't having it," a source told "She kept insisting to the director that one girl resemble her sister Kim or Kourtney, and one must resemble her best friend, Malika.

"She got nearly perfect matches of [the] girls. This girl looked exactly like Malika and the other looked exactly like Kim."
PR star and magazine publisher Savannah Britt took on the role of Malika.

As well as asking for lookalikes, Khloé was also apparently determined to have some background on the successful candidates.

"Khloé made sure her management coordinated with the director and production team to make sure the girls playing her besties in the video had good reputations," the insider said.

That isn't much of a surprise, as the reality TV star has experienced many problems over the last year. She is in the midst of divorcing basketball star Lamar Odom who was allegedly unfaithful during their marriage, with speculation he may have battled a drug problem too.

Then, when moving out of their marital home, Khloé discovered someone had stolen from her. Her sister Kourtney has also been the victim of thefts and this week it was claimed the siblings, along with Kim, are refusing to shoot the latest instalment of their show Keeping Up with the Kardashians until the criminal is captured.

Although Khloé seemingly had a good idea of what she wanted to achieve on set, she spent most of her time when the cameras weren't rolling away from prying eyes in French's trailer. According to the publication she also had her own hair and make-up team on standby.

"Although they weren't near the other actors and extras on set on breaks, they were really cool. They were chillin' in their dressing room and Khloé was a doll to everyone on set. Such a sweet girl," the insider said.

The promo sees Khloé and French wearing masks as they mess with their friends, with their faces revealed towards the end.