Justin Bieber’s protégé Madison Beer wants to collaborate “really soon”.

The 15-year-old singer first came into the spotlight when the Baby hitmaker called her a “future star” in a tweet. Apparently, the 20-year-old’s apprentice is eager to work with him, calling him her “dream collaborator”.

“Hopefully, I hope really soon. That would be amazing,” she explained to HollywoodLife. “I would love to do a song [together]. He’s really my role model, so that would be awesome.”

The 2012 tweet that started their relationship included a link to a YouTube video of Madison’s cover of Etta James’ At Last.

Madison responded with a social media post of her own, exclaiming, “I cant believe this is happening. I am crying.”

Justin later helped sign the young performer to the record label Island Records and helped her to find a manager. Madison’s 2013 single and music video, Melodies, featured an appearance from Justin.

“He’s an awesome and great guy,” the songstress told HollywoodLife. “He’s such a cool guy, the person he is on Instagram, that’s just who he is. He’s just like funny and cool, I love him, he’s amazing.”

Earlier this month, the Unbreakable singer posted a photo of her and the Boyfriend star on her Instagram account with the caption, “#tb studio with @justinbieber, new music coming soon :).”

Rumours that the pair were romantically involved circulated, but a source told TMZ that Justin “has been like a big brother” to the upcoming artist and that he is her “mentor”.

Dating appears to be the last thing on Madison’s mind.

“I really haven’t gone on dates. Boys … I just stay away, I don’t do dates. I stay away, they scare me. I can’t do it,” she told HollywoodLife.