Usher reveals Quincy Jones inspired him to become a philanthropist.

The Climax singer launched his mentorship charity, Usher’s New Look, at the beginning of his career.

And Usher, who now has an estimated net worth of $110 million, claims music legend Quincy convinced him to use his success for good.

“He by far was one of the greatest supporters of my philanthropic organisations when I was still at a very young age,” the hitmaker told Variety. “He always said, ‘Usher you’ve gotta do something greater than just music, because what are you going do with all that you’ve earned and hoarded? Your philanthropic efforts should be more of a priority.’

“I’d say 90 per cent of what I’ve done is down to Quincy’s influence, and the other 10 per cent, I’m just making sh*t up and finding my own way.”

Quincy has been dubbed Variety’s Philanthropist of the Year for his continuous activity in the charity community.

Nearly three decades ago he raised $63 million to combat famine in Ethiopia with his classic song We Are the World, and his investment in philanthropy has expanded tremendously since.

Quincy, who is now 81 years old, tells the publication his passion for charity is inspired by compassion for people living in deprived circumstances He grew up in the Great Depression in Chicago, a city that was riddled with violence at the time.

“If you come from the streets of Chicago during the Depression, and then you go through Soweto, or the favelas of Brazil, or Cambodia, you automatically respond because you know what it feels like, you’ve been there,” Quincy said. “You’ve been out there as a kid seeing dead bodies and Tommy guns and cats with stogies sitting over piles of money. It’s a universal kind of position on the pyramid.”