Sharon Osbourne says TV is “distracting” in the bedroom.

The 61-year-old matriarch has been married to 65-year-old Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy for 32 years.

And she admits her husband is constantly looking over his shoulder to catch his favourite shows even during their most intimate moments.

“I don’t get it… Ozzy and I were messing [around] and he goes, ‘Hold on, hold on. I’ve got to watch Letterman do his opening monologue,’” she told viewers on US chat show The Talk.

Apparently Ozzy is a big fan of historical dramas.

Sharon recalled one time when a re-telling of World War II completely killed the mood.

“Then the next thing - we’ll be in the middle of whatever we do… then Ozzy will say, ‘God can you believe that? Look! The Germans are marching through Paris!’” she laughed.

“He’s got the History Channel on. And he goes on about these horrible war things. And I’m like what are you talking about?! It’s so distracting!”

Sharon and Ozzy are of course no strangers to television. The couple and their youngest children, Jack and Kelly, starred in their own MTV show, The Osbournes, for three years until 2005.

And while Ozzy may love watching dramas play out on the small screen, the rocker recently admitted shooting his own series was a trying time for his family.

"I didn't give a sh*t. I just did what I do. Sharon would say, 'Do you want another season?' and I'd go along with it because they're family," he recalled to British magazine Time Out London in June.

"But at the end of it, I was f**king wiped out, my whole family was disintegrating. My wife was in bed for nine months battling colon cancer, my kids were all in rehab, I was f**king dying. I just wanted to get my rock'n'roll life back,” he said.