Kendall Jenner is reportedly on a mission to "recruit a circle of powerful friends".

The 18-year-old star began her journey to fame on TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, in which she stars alongside her family. She has now made a name for herself in the fashion industry after landing major gigs such as walking for Chanel, and is said to be using her new star status to find some rebellious men.

"Kendall's desperate to get out from under the family shell and is on a mission to recruit her own circle of powerful friends. She loves bad boys as she's convinced they give her more street cred, but it's a dangerous situation and everyone's hoping she'll see the light," an insider told British magazine Look.

One of these 'bad boys' is thought to be Justin Bieber, who Kendall recently hung out with at the 40th birthday party of Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci in Ibiza. The party was full of big names, including Kendall's half-sister Kim Kardashian, her husband Kanye West and model Kate Moss, but Kendall and the Baby singer were reportedly in their own little world.

There's also Chris Brown, who the teenager has been spending time with. She and her sister Kylie posed for a snap with the rapper and Trey Songz at what appeared to be a house party at the end of last month.

Despite both men having colourful pasts, with Justin being arrested on numerous occasions and Chris recently serving jail time, Kendall is said to be taking charge of the situation. It is thought her rumoured fling with One Direction hunk Harry Styles has given her the confidence to spend time with high-profile celebs.

"Kendall isn't an idiot, she knows about Justin and Chris' pasts, but she doesn't care. She has fun with them and they're going out of their way to charm her," the insider continued.

"Ever since she dated Harry Styles and got a taste of the A-list boyfriend lifestyle, Kendall's been on the prowl for a new famous guy to date. The real concern, though, is that she's got Justin Bieber and, of all people, Chris Brown, in her sights."