In this week's Billboard Pop Shop Podcast, Jessie J talks the making of her new Top 10 hit "Bang Bang", including why she, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj form the ultimate "girl band," event though they hadn't met when the song was released.

Jessie J also performs an acoustic version of "Bang Bang" exclusively on the Pop Shop Podcast.

On collaborating with Nicki Minja and Ariana Grande on "Bang Bang":
"It's not a feature, not a duet," Jessie J says about the track, "it's like we're a girl band for the next few months."

"They have challenged me a lot," she adds, referring to Grande and Minaj. "Having such a high caliber of artists on the record has made me want to push my vocals."

On making music, the "only global language":
"That's what making music for me is, it's giving people a gift that they can have a party to, they can cry to, they can heal to, they can see along's the only global language, so to be able to make something that you can give to everyone is pretty special."