"Golden Surf II" is the second single from Pere Ubu’s upcoming album Carnival of Souls, available 8 September (Fire Records).

In stark contrast to their first single "Irene", this track bowls hard and fast, with a further swipe at any attempt to pigeon-hole Pere Ubu's "sound". Zoetrope inserts filmed by award-winning videographer Rosanna Freedman, with live footage from Pere Ubu on tour. The B side of the single is an exclusive track that will not appear on the album – a remix of album track ‘Brother Ray’ - ‘Throb Array,’ by Gagarin/Moliné.

Carnival of Souls sees Pere Ubu target Prog Rock in the continuation of their ‘fixing things’ manifesto; "a complex and sensual reaction to living in a world overrun with monkeys and strippers who tickle your ears, cajole you to join in with their cavorting and then become vindictive when you decline.” The album is Pere Ubu's 18th album over a forty year career that has seen them break rules, confuse and continue to divide music critics globally.

Here are the tour dates again!

12 Sep: L'Etrange Festival, Forum des Images, Paris, France -
Underscore to Carnival of Souls
12 Nov: The Musician, Leicester, UK
13 Nov: The Scene, Swansea, UK
14 Nov: The Forum, Tunbridge Wells, UK
15 Nov: Band on the Wall, Manchester, UK
16 Nov: The Fleece, Bristol, UK
17 Nov: The Junction, Cambridge, UK
18 Nov: Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, UK
19 Nov: CCA, Glasgow, UK
20 Nov: Floral Pavilion, New Brighton (Wirral, Merseyside), UK
21 Nov: The Brudenell, Leeds, UK
22 Nov: Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London, UK
23 Nov: Brighton Film Festival, Duke of York's Cinema, Brighton, UK -
Underscore to Roger Corman's The Man With X Ray Eyes
24 Nov: The Sage in Hall 2, Gateshead, UK
25 Nov: Radio 6 Music Marc Riley show, Salford, UK
27 Nov: Jimmy Jazz, Victoria (Basque), Spain
28 Nov: La 2 Apolo, Barcelona, Spain
29 Nov: El Sol, Madrid, Spain
30 Nov: 16 Tonelades, Valencia, Spain