Jessie J thinks she looks like a fan in the selfie she took with Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande.

The musical trio have teamed up for hit track Bang Bang. While shooting the accompanying video, Nicki, 31, decided to get her phone out and snap a picture of the three pop divas together.

"Nicki could tell I was nervous; she was so sweet and really wanting to get the right shots [for the video]," Jessie gushed to Vibe.

"She said congratulations - it's big for all of us - and she took a selfie. They were doing a pouty face and I smiled, so I looked like a fan!"

Jessie, 26, also bonded with the youngest of the bunch - 21-year-old Ariana. The starlet is huge news right now, having also recorded hit Problem with Iggy Azalea.

"I met Ariana when she was having her make-up done. She was so sweet! We spoke about the song and how excited we were, make-up, hair extensions... We spoke for a long time about hair extensions!" she laughed.

Bang Bang was released officially on July 29, but leaked a few hours earlier. It's received rave reviews and Jessie revealed what she wants fans to take from the track.

"It's fun, sexy, it's not intimidating," she said. "I want women and men to watch [the video] and feel empowered.

"I want it to bring people together. I was it to come on at club, party or wedding and for everyone to feel they can dance to it.

"The song is about being a confident person and being like, 'I'm the ish!' I have got that and you have to feel like that - it's important to love yourself."

Jessie also praised Nicki's collaboration with Beyoncé Knowles, Flawless, saying she wants to go clubbing just so she can dance to it.