Christina Milian thinks a person’s greatness is within them.

The Dip It Low singer had to defend herself recently after a fan accused her of being a gold digger because of the men she dates. But the 32-year-old hasn’t let the spat get her down.

“Life is great! I stay prayed up! You can be, will be and ARE GREAT! it's all within you! #believe,” she posted on her Instagram page alongside a picture which read: “When life is rough, pray, when life is great, pray”.

Christina came under fire after it was reported that she is dating rapper Lil Wayne. Last month she was seen cosying up to the performer at the BET Awards, less than two weeks after calling off her 14-month engagement to Jas Prince. The mother-of-one is reportedly worth $4.5 million, so didn’t take too kindly to the accusations.

“I'm tired of anyone accusing my hard work and money or anything that I do as someone else buying for me. I BOUGHT it myself. I work honey. A Lot. I SAVE. And I spend wisely,” she fumed. “Tell your friends. Your grand kids and anyone else. I'm so over hearing that bs ‘GOLD DIGGER’ comment. I am far from that. HARD WORK PAYS OFF[sic].”

The AM to PM singer married The-Dream in September 2009 but separated only three months later. The couple have one child together, daughter Violet, four, and Christina wants to be a positive role model for her little girl and show that women can have a good life from the fruits of their own hard work.

"I usually keep my mouth shut but as a woman I'm tired of people assuming that when a girl has nice cars, a house, lavish things etc...That it's because someone else bought it,” she added. “Matter fact, I've literally bought my ex a car but nobody talking about that. AND he kept it...I didn't ask for it back. A gift is a gift. I’m not worried I will be blessed beyond. But please[get] it right. Women get money too.[sic]”