Khloe Kardashian was "so hungover" on the day of Kim's wedding.
Kim, 33, tied the knot with rapper Kanye West, with whom she has daughter North, in May after he proposed to her last October. Prior to the nuptials in Florence, Italy, the couple threw a lavish party at Paris' Palace Of Versailles, where Kim's younger sister enjoyed herself a bit too much.
"Khloé drank a little too much the night before and I had to wake her up," Kim laughed during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night. "She was laying down and getting her make-up done while she was sleeping, she was so hungover."
Fans around the globe eagerly awaited the couple's special day, which took place in the Italian city's Forte di Belvedere. Despite trying to hide the location information was eventually leaked, which Kim feels "kind of sucked" as they tried to "trick" people with where the wedding would be held.
"We really wanted to surprise everyone and say it was a different country [to France]," she added. "[We chose France and Italy because] we fell in love in Paris, I got pregnant with our daughter in Florence... we wanted to share our love story."
Continuing to share details, the brunette beauty revealed each guest's name was engraved on the marble tables rather than having place cards at the reception. It may have been an original idea, but a last minute no-show put a dent in their quirky method.
"Because everyone is engraved in our hearts," Kim explained about the reason behind their choice.
"It was the worst [when someone cancelled]. We tried to put white paint and cover the name, [but it didn't work]."
Kanye is known for sharing his strong opinions, and holding himself in high esteem. But his new wife insists rumours he gave a 45-minute wedding speech mainly about himself is false.
"It was about 20 minutes. It was about us, and everyone that was there," she confirmed.
"[It was] the most amazing experience just to be able to share it with so many family members and friends that I don't think ever would have had that opportunity [to visit Paris].
"We wanted everyone to be on this love journey with us."