LeAnn Rimes has denied reports she’s lost touch with her Southern roots, insisting she’s still a redneck.

In a recent episode of LeAnn’s new reality show with husband Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn and Eddie, one of the singer’s friends accused her of leaving her Southern roots behind her.

But the 31-year-old singer insists she’s still a “mutt” – although she can be posh when she wants to be.

“I guess it depends on who I’m around and what I’m around. I grew up in Texas and Mississippi, so I have those kind of roots in me,” she told Fox411. “I have so much that I’ve been influenced by from traveling the world. I’m really kind of a mutt. When I get around my mom and my southern friends, I start to get an accent again. I can totally be redneck with the best of them, and I can be totally as posh as possible.”

LeAnn also spoke about how she keeps in shape, insisting she doesn’t hit the gym for anybody other than herself.

The country star has hit headlines in recent years due to her fluctuating weight, but says she is now healthier than ever and feeling great.

“I don’t do it for anyone else. I do it for my health,” she said. “Obviously, looking healthy is in my mind, always. Number one, I’m a woman, but obviously it’s magnified more for me, but I think the more I made it about my health and not how I look, it makes it more fun. It makes it easier to do. It makes you want to get up and take care of yourself.”