As part of Xperia Access season two, your exclusive backstage pass in to the world of Sony, The Klaxons performed live to a room of 200 people from Dalston's Shacklewell Arms. Featuring intimate performances, money-can’t-buy experiences and candid interviews, Xperia Access takes you behind the scenes to the home of music. Find out more at

In 2007 Klaxons did what pretty much no band have done since: arrive with a fully fledged ideology - new rave. It might be hard to remember now, but back then it was strange seeing a high street normally shifting outfits in various hews of bland flooded with weird neon clothing.

On 2nd June 2014, Love Frequency, Klaxons’ third album drops. While their second record was perceived as a rejection of their dance influenced past, this is a return to it. Once again they've leapt to the front of a queue of none as the only group of people blending the euphoria of today's dance scene with the aesthetics, experimentation and instrumentation of post-punk.

“I think we are still a subversive pop band who don’t make straight up pop,” says Simon. “We’re still pretty out there with the music we make but we’ve always succeeded in making something that is still digestible for large numbers of people.”

It’s a fantastic record, exploring the double lead falsetto and relaxed rave synth that have always been their trademark, but through the prism of NYC RnB (“Show Me a Miracle”), British synth pop (“Out of the Dark”), and straight up 90s Corona chart house (“Invisible Forces”).

Three years in the making, Love Frequency reasserts the most basic principals of Klaxons; that it is possible to make bizarre, transformative pop music which can conquer stadiums just as well as backward, tub thumping rock or gumboot American EDM DJs. This is a record where RnB production, prog and dance music sensibilities collide somewhere near the summit of Hit Parade.

“We have arrived” says Jamie “On the first two albums, we were taking off and this one is us flying. We are there.”

“Yeah,” says James. “The dream for Klaxons still is to play music we love and to play it well to people who lose their minds on music and have the greatest time of their lives.”

Klaxons Show Me a Miracle (Xperia Access Live at the Shacklewell Arms)

Klaxons There Is No Other Time (Xperia Access Live at the Shacklewell Arms)