In this week's Billboard cover story preview the Australian pop-punk sensation 5 Seconds of Summer opens up about "being punk", opening for One Direction and inspiring new, young musicians.

​The quartet has also taken over the number 1 spot on the Billboard 200 ​ this week​, de-throning Weird Al's historic, chart-topping album.

On Opening for One Direction:
The band has made a few minor adjustments on their sold-out tour with One Direction.

"We do punk jumps and all that," says Irwin -- but they’ve tempered their language to accommodate 1D’s decidedly younger fan base. "We just don’t ever say 'f—' onstage," he says. "“At our own show,” says guitarist and lead singer Luke Hemmings, “we talk a lot of shit.”

On Being Punk:
"We're so proud of the music we make -- we love it -- and we’re fearless," says drummer Ashton Irwin. "If anyone puts us down, we don’t care. Isn't that somewhat punk -- not giving a damn what people say?"
On Inspiring New, Young Musicians:
"If a kid picks up drumsticks because of our band, job done," says Irwin. "Just to have guitars on the radio again is nice."