Ed Sheeran is confident there are enough mathematical symbols to use for his upcoming albums.

The 23-year-old singer-songwriter has released two records during his career so far, debut + and follow-on hit x. With many years ahead of him, Ed isn't worried about running out of options for titles to his music and is open to what the future holds.

"There's enough math symbols I think... I'm not planning on doing like 50 albums. Well maybe, you never know," he smiled to rte.ie's TEN when asked what will happen when he has no more choices for album names.

Ed is part Irish and was raised Roman Catholic, with his paternal grandparents hailing from the country. When visiting Ireland the musician enjoys embracing what it has to offer, from its drinks to its popular culture.

"I've been coming over to Ireland about four times a year since I was born; I always used to have my birthdays here. So it's cool, I'm glad the Irish popular dig it 'cause otherwise it would be quite awkward," he mused.

"[I] usually just have a pint and catch up to be honest. The only Irish thing I've been hooked on properly is [comedy TV series] Love/Hate. Like, that's a serious addiction. But apparently [newspaper] The Mirror keep dropping who's gonna die, so I need to avoid who's going to die. "

Ed surprised his Irish fans at the end of last month by performing a private concert.

"Played a secret gig for the @Rubysessions last night in Dublin. Always the best gigs of the year for me (sic)," he wrote on Instagram, adding a snap of himself in action.

The star has been in the spotlight since unveiling + in 2011 and has gone on to collaborate with fellow musicians such as close pal Taylor Swift and Pharrell Williams. Ed remembers who inspired him at a young age, and also shared his favourite track to perform live.

"I started playing guitar because I saw Eric Clapton on TV and I think if I ever just got to say hi to him and have a conversation I think that'd be a good one," he added.

"I See Fire is always a really fun one to play. I don't know why, I don't know why - I just really, really like that song. That's a good one."