Rita Ora is concentrating on her friendships.

The British singer faced heartache earlier this year when she split from DJ Calvin Harris, who she had been dating since May 2013.

Luckily the 23-year-old has been keeping herself busy and spending lots of time with her nearest and dearest.

"I'm constantly on tour so I cherish their closeness," she opened up to German magazine Bravo. "That's why I try not to think about the whole situation too much. I tell myself: Now is the time for friends!"

And it's not just the people she's close to who get her through the tough times. When she's heartbroken, Rita knows the recipe for getting back on her feet.

"I stock up on carbs! I love burgers and chips!" she laughed.

Currently Rita is working on her as-yet untitled second album. It already spawned massive single I Will Never Let You Down and is slated for release in November.

"There are people on it who I would never even have dreamed of: Jay Z and Prince for example," she gushed. "And the music will be as honest as possible - I feel so free at the moment."

Rita's split from Calvin in June isn't the first breakup she's had in the public eye. The star also had a brief fling with Rob Kardashian, but things ended acrimoniously in 2012 when he accused her on Twitter of sleeping with other men.

Sock designer Rob, 27, has had his fair share of relationship drama. Earlier this week his ex Adrienne Bailon called him "disloyal" in an interview and said she regretted appearing on the Kardashian family's reality show while they were together.

Rob was promptly defended by his sisters, with Kim tweeting Adrienne should "let it go".

Khloé was also quick to comment on the remarks the singer made.

"thought her and I were cool SMH," she tweeted about Adrienne.

"Don't kick my brother while he's down (sic)".

Rob has had a tough time recently, gaining weight and finding himself in the midst of rumours he's taking drugs and been to rehab.