Megan Fox covers the peephole when she has sex in a hotel.

The actress is considered one of the hottest women in Hollywood but there's also a different side to her - she raises sons Noah, 22 months, and five-month-old Bodhi with her husband Brian Austin Green.

She admits things have quietened down in the bedroom since becoming a mom and when they do heat up, Megan and Brian worry about unwelcome voyeurs.

"Oh, god. Brian has been famous his whole life, so there aren't any weird places he's had sex. He's too self-conscious," she revealed to the British edition of Cosmopolitan when asked about the craziest places they've got down and dirty.

"As for me, I get afraid when we're in a hotel room! I'll close the curtains and put something over the peephole. I'm always afraid someone is going to see."

Megan, 28, added that they are both low-maintenance in bed and that Brian is "naturally happy being a giver".

Things might have quietened down in the sex department, but Brian, 41, and Megan have a foolproof formula for making their relationship work. They met in 2004 and married in 2010.

"You have to be with someone who loves you at your absolute worst, because you can't be an actress every moment of the day forever," she reasoned.

"Brian and I have done everything you can do to ruin a relationship and we still love each other. I don't want to be boastful and say that we'd never divorce, but I can't imagine a scenario that we couldn't work through."

Megan's first film since 2012 is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which comes out next month. Juggling her career with motherhood is harder than she expected.

"I have a breakdown every time I go to work," she admitted.

"Once you become a mother, especially a working mom, you feel like you can never give enough of yourself. Maybe my baby needed me and I wasn't there, so he learnt, 'I cry for Mommy and she doesn't come.'

"I went to work five weeks after having Bodhi [in February 2014]. I was all stitched up, kicking and running, and I hate it. At five weeks, you are supposed to be sitting in a rocking chair with your boobs out.

"I'm grateful for my career, but I also resent it because it takes me away from the thing I feel I'm meant to be doing."