Sell/Buy Instrumentals with FREE mastering and promotion.

You can now take sell your music and instrumentals on

And that includes FREE mastering and promotion!

If you are serious about the music industry, one of the best ways of making money is direct sales, but we know that iTunes and such take a percentage and don't give you back anything for it, that's why we include our studio services to you for free in the same percentage - to help you save some money when selling.

We can even help you design your artwork and help with royalties as all music (even instrumentals) is registered for ISRC/YouTube and others while also applying your unique royalty ID to get you your fair share of YouTube and any radio play before uploading to the site for sale - so you get paid 3 times for each song!

You get the sale price, radio royalties and royalties on YouTube even if they record their own vocals and upload the track!

Each track is on a submission basis as I would personally and manually verify and add information to every track before upload to ensure only the highest quality!

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