Dolly Parton feels like a "gypsy" while travelling on tour buses.

The 68-year-old country star is still putting on performances to the delight of her loyal fans and gave the crowd at Glastonbury a once-in-a-lifetime treat when she performed for around 60 minutes earlier this year.

She is currently promoting her latest record Blue Smoke. While she makes her way from location to location, the blonde musician opts to stay on wheels rather than splashing out on hotels.

“I love living on a bus as opposed to hotels, so we have two buses running all the time on these tours. If we have to fly from point A to point B, the buses are almost identical and are stocked exactly the same way," she smiled to "They give me a feeling of being at home. I can scatter all my stuff and I don’t have to carry luggage in and out of hotels. I guess I’m just a gypsy – and this is my caravan!"

It might seem a little unsettled as a way of life, but Dolly doesn't let it - or her age - slow her down.

“I don’t think the years matter so much when you’re busy. Of course you get older. You notice little things as the years go by. That doesn’t mean you have to stop. I have good doctors and make-up artists. I’ll do whatever it takes to make myself look better – and feel better," she smiled.

Despite the success of her stint at the festival in England, many claim Dolly lip-synced during her performance. Rather than let the comments get to her, the feisty singer dismisses the haters and doesn't dwell.

“You know what? Every time I go on tour I hear I’m lip-syncing," she added. "They say that about every artist at one point or another. I’m not getting into that. I’m glad people are coming to see me. You know, I’m just Dolly and I’m singing and somebody’s always gotta have something negative to say. I roll with the punches.”