Timbaland found producing Michael Jackson's latest album "stressful and emotional".

The music star helped piece together the late King of Pop's second posthumous record Xscape, which features eight previously unreleased tracks. It marks the 11th album to come from Sony and Motown since Michael's death in 2009 due to acute Propofol intoxication.

Looking back at the period leading up to Xscape's release earlier this year, Timbaland admits it brought up other sad memories while hearing the singer's recognisable voice. One of these was the passing of his friend, songstress Aaliyah, who was involved in a tragic plane accident in 2001 at the age of 22.

"That whole experience [with the album] was stressful. For one, it’s emotional, because I’m dealing with death. I had to ask myself, have I dealt with Aaliyah’s death, and my other best friend Static’s death?" Timbaland told MTV UK. "There’s something very emotional when you hear Michael Jackson’s voice, but you don’t see him; that’s kinda scary. It’s Michael Jackson for God’s sake, why wouldn’t it be stressful? It’s his last album. It all worked out for the good. It’s a great album."

Alongside producing albums, Timbaland, real name Timothy Zachery Mosley, has several record labels under his belt. As he focuses on the future, the 42-year-old has promised some big up-and-coming talent.

"You’ll see, in 2015, I’ve got mostly girls that are signed to me. The first two are very special. I probably haven’t seen this kind of special since Lady Gaga. Or Rihanna. They’re the only two in the last ten or 12 years who are special. It’s not about being good or great, it’s about being special," he added.

"It’s very exciting. It’s keeping me young, it’s keeping me fresh, it’s keeping me invigorated. Everyone I have around me is the future. They’re kids. 21, 22, 23. Everybody’s young. I might be the oldest one here! I feel like I’m in that movie Divergent, because the new generation is about to happen, and I’m just the father."