Win Butler doesn't mind other songs sounding like Arcade Fire as musicians are all "taking from the same well".

The lead vocalist of the indie rock band has enjoyed huge success with the group, who have played everywhere from Japan to the United Kingdom in recent months.

While many music buffs draw comparisons with other artists' music to that of Arcade Fire, Win isn't fazed by people wanting to sound like his group.

"We're all taking from the same well. I mean, we all love The Clash. And The Clash was just taking Elvis. Music is imitation. That's the core of what music is. And the artistry is making it your own and making it seamless, even though it's coming from a million different sources," Win told Q magazine.

Joining Win in Arcade Fire's line up is his brother Will and wife Régine Chassagne along with Richard Reed Parry, Jeremy Gara and Tim Kingsbury.

While Win remains blasé about other bands trying to emulate their sound, younger brother Will is less than impressed.

"There's a couple of hits now that are shadows of Arcade Fire songs. You're just like, 'Oh?!' Cos we're not... I mean we're big, we sell records, we can play Hyde Park. But we've never had a hit song.

"Now there's crappy pop hits that you hear, some elements of which you're like, 'Oh that came from Funeral, ten years ago, and now it's in sh*tty pop songs.' Which is kind of, from a musicological perspective, really fascinating to see," Will laughed.