Pharrell Williams believes women are "at the centre of humanity".

The singer-and-producer is known for his descriptive lyrics, mostly praising females and their presence. He has often spoken about the inspiration behind his latest solo album G I R L, which pays homage to his love and admiration for the opposite gender.

It seems his thoughts reach further than just respecting them for their general being though.

"I wanted to give back to a demographic that has just been giving to me for over 20 years. Which is women. I have male fans, too. But the women, they never left my side,” he explained to British newspaper The Telegraph.

“The real truth of the matter is that no human being can be created without going through the conduit of a woman’s body. Men don’t make eggs. We contribute to them. Nor can we give birth. So woman are at the centre of humanity, and they need to be treated as such."

Pharrell's talents have helped other artists as well in the past year, with hit collaborations including Daft Punk's Get Lucky and Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines.

There's also his teaming up with British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran for the musician's latest track, Sing. It was Pharrell's idea that Ed release the track as his first single from second record x and it went straight to number one in the UK.

“I wasn’t trying to say it in a cocky way. Like, I don’t need the money or I don’t need the hit," Pharrell mused. "I was saying to him, ‘Our sessions were good in a way that I felt like they were very holistic for you. Because you let go of what was comfortable to you, and discovered a new part of your personality.’ One must let go in order to see who they are. When you’re clamping down, and your talons... if you will... are clenched into your nest, then you will never experience flight. And when Ed let go, a whole new part of him came out.”